Weight Loss Naturally Online

8 Week Program

Private One on One
Weight Loss Naturally

    Private One on One is offered over an 8-week period. Our powerful one one sessions are powerful in creating moral support and encouragement. Our private One on One sessions are all about YOU. These sessions are designed with elements to increase self-esteem and self-awareness. Each session includes weigh-in, body composition evaluation, and nutritional lesson. Our Body Composition Analyzer calculates fat, muscle and water percentage. With this feature, we target a healthy fat percentage and specifically monitor fat loss, not water or muscle, which usually occurs in dieting.

    There are also group discussions with question and answer time. We understand the frustrations and obstacles involved in making healthy lifestyle changes and offer empathy, motivation and strong support.Buddy System: bring a friend or spouse and save 50% off the price of second person.Some of the advantages of exercise and eating smart:

  • helps to prevent heart disease and stroke
  • helps lower cholesterol level and blood pressure
  • helps fight osteoporosis and diabetes
  • decreases your cancer risk
  • increases joint flexibility and range of motion in arthritis
  • helps control and maintain healthy weight and fat levels
  • makes you sleep better
  • helps to reduce and manage stress
  • increases your energy level
  • increases stamina and endurance so you can work without tiring easily
  • makes you feel stronger
  • improves your sense of well-being, self image and confidence
  • reduces depression and anxiety
  • makes you feel and look better and younger

    Each participant will receive a Weight Loss Naturally binder, weekly hand-outs and journal sheets to track their progress both in eating and exercise. The following outline is a break-down of what is covered in the program sessions.


Week 1 – Overview of Program
  • Evaluate body composition (weight & measurements)
  • Are you ready?
  • No More Excuses!


Week 2
  • How to release your body’s natural ability to lose weight and keep it off
  • Weight loss is not about will power
  • Meal Plans


Week 3
  • Glycemic Index
  • Why diabetes?
  • Eating balanced – proteins, carbs and fat – Lose the cravings


Week 4
  • Meal planning (tips to make it easier)
  • Hunger Scale
  • We are not what we eat!


Week 5
  • Good and bad carbs
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Shopping and reading labels


Week 6
  • Behaviour Audit (Emotional Eating)
  • Eating out


Week 7
  • Habits that Doom Weight loss
  • Steps to breaking Food Seductions


Week 8
  • Conquer night bingeing
  • Tips to maintain
  • Review/No More Excuses

    Participants have now been given the knowledge of key lifestyle changes incorporating healthy eating to their daily lives setting them on the Road to Wellness.

    Get involved! Contact us for details.