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Nutritional Consulting

This isn’t your cookie cutter nutrition guide you read in a pamphlet.

Weight Loss Naturally firsts learns about you and your lifestyle. What are your goals? What do you want out of life? What do you expect from Weight Loss Naturally?

Once we learn about you, we’ll do an in depth analysis and find out where your deficiencies are. We’ll be able to identify which nutrients your body is lacking and what skills are needed to be successful in life.

A person’s body is out of balance when they are lacking nutrients. We’ll then create a custom package based on your body while working within your goals and lifestyle; making this a very comfortable, natural transition to a healthier you.

Eating wells slows the aging process down. You’ll learn how to incorporate simple lifestyle strategies and make better nutrition choices thus slowing the aging process, making you feel better and sleep better.

Ask about our private one-on-one weight loss counseling and our extremely popular group sessions; large groups, couples, spouses, sisters, friends, whatever. Bring a friend and get a better rate. Ask for more information.

NEW 30 Day Challenge (Group Sessions)

Learn 5 Steps to Master these Appette Hormones

  • Why calorie restricted diets cause us to get fatter
  • learn how to balance your fat burning hormones
  • learn these hormones turn on and off our desire to over eat and crave cretain foods
  • learn how they determine wheather we store excess calories as fat or burn as energy
Nutritional Counselling

For Bariatric / Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

Gloria Clubb has been specifically sought out by Blue Water Surgical Centre for her extensive nutritional and body balancing.

Gloria handles all of their out patients and teaches her unique skills on how to live a happy, healthier life with their new bodies.

Are you a new patient? Be successful using Gloria’s transparent life skills. Ask her how you can benefit too.

This class always fills up fast; contact us for dates and times. No More Excuses!

No More Excuses!


Join No More Excuses facilitator and Registered Nutritional Consultant Gloria Clubb, to explore what is next for you in terms of changing your lifestyle.

This program, based on Susan Cantwell’s new book; No More Excuses, will help you integrate healthy living into your life. You’ll witness “live” Coaching from Gloria and learn from the challenges others are facing. You’ll explore what you need to successfully change your lifestyle and lose the weight you want. You’ll walk away truly motivated and with a personalized plan like no other.


Discover – how to tap into your own internal motivation that goes far beyond 30 days.

Explore – what your real barriers and obstacles are to leading a healthy lifestyle and how to overcome them

Learn – how to break old bad habits and stop procrastination

Create – your own personalized wellness plan that sustains you far beyond your weight loss goal.

This class always fills up fast; contact us for dates and times. No More Excuses!